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CARTO collaborates with Spanish community app to fight Covid-19

CARTO has joined hands with the AistenciaCovid19, an app developed by the Community of Madrid, to curb the spread of Coronavirus. The location intelligence company has also collaborated with two more Spanish tech companies: ForceManager and mendesaltaren. It is also seeking support from Google, Ferrovial and Telefonica.

Interactive Mapping

The app provides accurate advice to the citizens and eases the burden on the healthcare system by allowing people to self-evaluate themselves for symptoms and find out if immediate action needs to be taken. Mobile version of this web app will be released soon. After opening the app, people are required to feed information like name, phone number, date of birth, sex, address postal code, DNI and email. Then are asked questions regarding the symptoms and given an advice.

Using this information local authorities will be able to make visualizations on interactive map and deploy geospatial analytics for assessing areas that are at risk. The administration can also look at the changing scenario and respond accordingly. Since location is at the core of the data being gathered, CARTO is providing essential support. Data collected by the app will be encrypted and citizens will know about how it is being used. A yet to be released update of the app will provide advisory on quarantined and allow more detailed tracking. The application is available on the AsistenciaCovid19 website and will be available soon on iOS and Android.

Korean inspiration

What motivated the Madrid Community and entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky to develop this app is the amazing deployment of technology in South Korea in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic. “It’s a challenging time at the moment for everyone – both on a personal and professional level. We hope that by channeling our energy and emotion into building an application, we can make a significant impact and help to contain the coronavirus through our technology”, says Luis Sanz, CEO, CARTO.

“When it comes to epidemiology, gathering location data through an app like this, at scale, will allow us to use spatial modelling to support prevention & containment measures alongside the government”, says Javier De La Torre, CARTO Founder and Chief Strategy Officer.

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