Before discussing more Google analytics, you have to know what Google analytics Is?

Google analytics is a powerful tool that helps in building a strong online presence of business.

Would you like to know about the visitors, who visited your website or how your website performing? Doesn’t matter you run a small scale business, medium or large, Google analytics is best to know about business status, to track the performance. Google analytics helps in site traffic, search engine optimization, and also helpful in measuring the activities of social media.

The purpose of Google Analytics?

The main advantage of Google analytics training program is that it provides complete details of the person who visits your site. At what time, how long they stay to your various pages, where they visit from, and on what pages. These details help you grow your business.

Benefit Of Google Analytics?

There are so many benefits of Google analytics, which you can enjoy: –

  • Social media platform is the newest feature of Google analytics. In today’s world social platform becomes an important part of doing online marketing like; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, Instagram, Pinterest. To track all the updates of all social media sites seems difficult, but it is possible and easy with Google analytics.
  • Google Analytics become the social tool that lets you track the status of each social site all in one dashboard.
  • Google analytics saves you a lot of time and efforts.

In Google Analytics you will learn: –

  • Use Google analytics to check the track of business objectives
  • How to make effective custom reports
  • How to find out most profitable clients
  • Increase conversion rates

An online business with a website cannot be much succeeding without proper Google Analytics program because: –

  • Google analytics is completely free
  • Source of traffic
  • Breakdown of keywords
  • Complete detail about visitors
  • Page popularity
  • Website bounce rates
  • Display traffic flow
  • Useful in reviewing historical data

Google Analytics tools are: –

  • Introduction to Google analytics
  • Cookies overview
  • Overview of website audience
  • Understanding user behavior
  • User interaction with web pages
  • Google analytics setup
  • Basic metrics in GA
  • Measuring of various traffic leads and sources
  • Tracking events and actions of users
  • Conversion tracking- goals setup
  • GA reports
  • Google tag manager implementation

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