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WhatsApp Fast Playback for voice messages: What it is and how to utilize it

Here’s all you need to think about WhatsApp Fast Playback paces and how to utilize them.

WhatsApp presented another element that allows clients to pick between numerous playback speeds while playing a sound record. The new choices let you tune in to longer voice messages effectively and can likewise be utilized to skirt through enormous messages to get to a specific point.

This aides take advantage of long voice messages, where it can at times be tedious to go through the whole message without avoiding on any subtleties. The most recent WhatsApp update for Android and iOS changes that with the presentation of WhatsApp’s new Fast Playback speeds.

There are two new playback speeds offered in the element, taking the quantity of playable paces to three. These incorporate 1X, the default, unique playback speed, alongside 1.5X and 2X, which let you play the document at 5-% or 100% quicker rates. Here’s the manner by which you can undoubtedly utilize both new rates.

Clients can accelerate voice messages by first opening WhatsApp and exploring to the Voice Message being referred to. Tap play on the Voice Message to start tuning in to it. Tap on the ‘1x’ on the voice message to transform it to ‘1.5x’. Tap on it again to go from 1.5X to 2X. At the point when at 2X velocities, clients can tap on the ‘2X’ catch to change playback back to the default 1x speed.

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